Greener Power Solutions Acquires 45 Million Euros Capital from DIF Capital Partners


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Greener Power Solutions (“Greener”) a leader in mobile battery rentals, is based in Amsterdam and has raised EUR 45 million. DIF Capital Partners, an international investment company with more than EUR 11 billion under management, has provided the financing. It specialized in infrastructure, and renewable energy, and was involved in the investment fund DIF CIF III. DIF, a Dutch investment company that manages more than EUR 11 billion, is active globally in sustainable energy and infrastructure. Greener will invest capital in innovation, hardware, and software to improve its market position in the Netherlands.

Mobile energy solutions are in high demand. This includes temporary grid upgrades and construction sites, as well as mobile charging and events. Greener, which was founded in 2018, has provided sustainable mobile energy solutions through the rental of mobile batteries. The fleet currently includes 60 mobile batteries, with a total power output of 20 MWh. Greener has saved nearly 1.5 million liters of diesel and 4.5 million kg of CO2 emissions by replacing polluting diesel generators. Greener’s own software, which controls the batteries, helps customers manage their energy consumption more efficiently and economically.

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Accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources from fossil fuels

CEO Dieter Castelein, his co-founder and chief operating officer Klaas Akkerman plan to make use of the investment to strengthen their market position in the Netherlands and continue scaling their business. Part of the funds will go towards research and development to enable new services and innovations to be developed. It is also planned to expand the mobile battery fleet. This upscaling includes further professionalization and expansion of the team. The team has grown substantially in recent years to include 25 employees.

CEO Dieter Castelein explains, “When we founded Greener we wanted to disrupt temporary energy markets with our batteries. We can now say that we have reached this goal. DIF’s investment allows us to pursue new goals, and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that we see for our energy solutions. Temporary energy facilities are a key component in the acceleration of the transition from fossil energy to renewable sources. Our ambition is to help our customers achieve sustainability on a larger scale.” Castelein says that this investment will allow us to strengthen our team, expand the fleet, and enter new markets.

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According to Willem Jansonius (partner and head of DIF CIF strategy), “DIF views Greener as an attractive addition to its portfolio in the Netherlands. DIF believes the urgency of decarbonizing our economy and dramatically reducing nitrogen emissions will create unprecedented momentum for clean-energy solutions. This is a key role played by the current Dutch nitrogen crisis. Due to the current overloading of the Dutch electricity grid, temporary energy is becoming more important. Greener’s mobile energy solutions provide its customers with a significant reduction of harmful emissions and contribute to the realization of the energy transition. We look forward working with the management in achieving Greener’s ambitious growth goals.”

Software that differentiates

The COO Akkerman, among other things, sees the potential for wider usage of Greener’s self-developed software. “Our software is what makes us stand out from the rest of the market. We can not only provide insights into battery usage, but we can also control different power sources like solar, wind, and hydrogen. This allows us to connect the temporary energy market with both storage and smart tech. This is crucial in a time when there are severe capacity problems and a rapidly growing demand for electricity,” Akkerman says.

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