Fluence Partners with Rich Electric to Establish First 100MW Battery Energy Storage System in Taiwan

The 100 MW energy storage system will support Taipower’s automatic frequency control services

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Fluence Energy, Inc., a global leader in energy storage products, services, and digital applications, announced a strategic partnership with Rich Electric, a Taiwanese business that specializes in power conversion and battery storage systems. Fluence and Rich Electric have partnered to deploy a 100MW battery-based energy storage unit in Hualien as part of Taipower’s automated frequency control (AFC). The project is expected to be completed by mid-2023 and will be Taiwan’s first 100-MW level system.

“Taiwan is now one of the largest energy storage markets in the Asia Pacific.” Fluence SVP and President APAC Jan Teichmann stated that the growth momentum in the energy ecosystem was driven by a set target and objectives for renewable energies and net zero emissions. “We look forward to creating a stronger smart grid in Taiwan through this partnership with Rich Electric and helping accelerate the local energy transition.” He added.

Taiwan is currently deploying energy storage systems in order to improve power dispatch flexibility and prevent recurring power outages due to intermittent renewable energy sources. Taipower’s AFC service plays a crucial role in stabilizing Taiwan’s power grid. Taipower in Taiwan has set a goal of 1,000 MW storage capacity before 2025. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Energy and Ministry of Economic Affairs plan to store 500 MW via ground-mounted PV system.

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Eric a Chen, Chairman of Rich Electric, stated that energy storage systems are essential for the deployment grid-connected renewable energy systems. Rich Electric is a manufacturer with over 35 years of experience in power electronics research and development. We specialize in the integration and development of power conversion systems and battery management systems as well as energy management systems. Our company is committed to providing stable power supply by creating grid-level energy storage solutions and distribution solutions. Fluence’s industry knowledge and advanced technology are a great asset to our company. We look forward to working with Fluence in providing a reliable power supply that meets Taipower standards. We look forward to a bright future for Taiwan with Fluence.”

Fluence received the Taoyuan Longtan ultra high voltage substation project in April 2022. It will house 37.5 percent of Taipower’s storage capacity and is expected to be the largest investment in Taiwanese energy storage. Fluence has installed or contracted more energy storage systems than 4.8GW worldwide. According to IHS Markit’s 2021 survey, Fluence was the top global energy storage provider with an 18% market share.

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