Growing Zinc Battery Initiative Welcomes Startup Zēlos Energy


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Silicon Valley startup Zēlos Energy announces plans to join the Zinc Battery Initiative (ZBI), the voice of the zinc battery industry. ZBI’s rapidly growing membership is comprised of leading zinc battery manufacturers, including Zēlos, which has developed a sustainable, safe zinc-manganese battery designed as an alternative to lead acid and lithium-ion batteries in a variety of applications.

Zēlos Energy, which launched in 2019, is committed to building the next generation of green batteries for consumer and industrial uses. Products in development include deep-cycle energy storage batteries, lead-acid replacement, low-cost cylindrical formats for applications including uninterruptible power supply, energy storage solutions for wind and solar, and military and marine uses. Zēlos is already able to produce cylindrical and prismatic batteries with a lower levelized cost of storage than existing solutions.

Formed in late 2020, ZBI advocates for the adoption of high-performance, rechargeable zinc battery products. Its 11 members produce zinc batteries for a variety of applications from powering naval submarines and electric vehicles to providing backup power for microgrids, homes, traffic signals and data centers.

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“We are so pleased to welcome Zēlos Energy to our membership. We anticipate Zēlos batteries will make great inroads in stationary storage, military applications, and even daily household use,” said Dr. Josef Daniel-Ivad, Manager of the Zinc Battery Initiative. “Zinc batteries will play an essential role in driving the transition to net-zero emissions, thanks to zinc’s abundance, sustainability and high performance.”

Sébastien Bélanger, President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Zēlos Energy added, “We are incredibly excited to join such an innovative and dynamic group focused on bringing economical, safe, and environmentally-friendly batteries to market for a variety of uses as we work to help renewable energy become more accessible and affordable” Both ZBI and Zēlos emphasize zinc’s abundance, sustainability, recyclability and durability, qualities that lead to zinc batteries’ growing share in the energy storage market. ZBI’s other members include ZincFive, Zinc8, Salient Energy, Urban Electric Power, e-Zinc, Redflow, Enzinc, Enerpoly, ZAF Energy Systems, AEsir Technologies, Inc., and Imprint Energy.

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About Zēlos Energy
Zēlos Energy is headquartered in Silicon Valley, where its founders developed its patented rechargeable alkaline technology. In 2020, Zēlos was awarded a highly competitive multi-year $1.8 million grant from the California Energy Commission for R&D scale-up in low-cost, environmentally friendly alternatives to lithium-ion.

About Zinc Battery Initiative – The Zinc Battery Initiative (ZBI) is a program of the International Zinc Association. ZBI was formed in 2020 to promote the further adoption of rechargeable zinc battery products. ZBI members are premier companies in the industry; each has its own proprietary technology but shares a common base of zinc.

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