Germany’s Demand For Solar Storage Systems Rises To Tackle Energy Crisis


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The adoption of household solar storage systems is increasing in Germany, owing to high power costs and the present energy crisis, with the number of new installations projected to increase by almost 60% in 2021.

According to the German solar energy group BSW, some 141,000 new solar storage systems were installed in German households last year, increasing the total number of such installations in service to more than 400,000. 

In accordance with BSW’s managing director Carsten Koernig, the acquisition of a solar installation plus a storage system is viewed as a declaration of energy independence by a rising number of families. 

According to him, electric vehicles are also causing more individuals to transition to solar power and storage technologies.

Additionally, as a result of Russia and Ukraine’s war, demand is anticipated to rise even more.

The BSW group has once again urged the German government to take significant efforts to strengthen the framework conditions for decentralized power delivery. The association suggests that the reduction of bureaucracy and the modification of the funding plan should be included.

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According to BSW, a substantial and quick expansion in current storage capacity is critical for the success of the energy transition, since it would assist to counteract variations in renewable energy supply and guarantee grid stability.

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