Guidehouse Insights ranks top 7 energy storage systems integrators


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A new Leaderboard Report from Guidehouse Insights evaluates the strategy and execution of 15 distributed energy storage integrators, with ENGIE, Enel X, Tesla, Honeywell, Con Edison Battery Storage, EDF, and NantEnergy ranked as the leading market players.

The number of cities, states, and businesses committed to carbon reduction goals is swelling, and the demand for onsite generation of renewable energy is mounting. In this environment, distributed energy storage is poised to take a leading role in the new energy paradigm shift, delivering cost savings, grid support, and other bottom-line benefits. As the market matures, the role of distributed energy storage systems integrators has become the key position in the value chain for ensuring projects are successfully built and profitable. 

Ricardo F. Rodriguez, research analyst with Guidehouse Insights commented that, the seven leading vendors in the space had focused on playing multiple roles through turnkey services or strategic partnerships across the project delivery value chain to drive down costs and enable financing innovation to deploy projects.Each company had established an access-to-customers advantage to reduce the costs of customer acquisition and use of a comprehensive energy storage software platform that would analyzes project costs and forecast project revenue streams.

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As competition among vendors intensifies, the field of pure-play distributed energy storage systems integrators is in flux. During the past 2 years, companies have started shifting focus away from the origination and development of projects to acting as pure-play integrators that provide integrated hardware and software solutions. This transition has occurred as systems integration companies have become better at optimizing the value of energy storage across multiple revenue streams for different customers using advanced software and controls. The greater assurance of project success has enabled the introduction of pure-play project developers that have confidence in the guarantees that integrators can offer for project revenue stream and reliability. As a result, systems integrators can focus on core competencies around software development, system design, and ongoing system operation and optimization.

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