German Homeowners Drive Unprecedented Demand for SolarEdge Battery Storage


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SolarEdge, a global leader in smart energy technology, has reported a remarkable surge in demand for battery storage in the residential market in Germany. During the first quarter of 2023, approximately 70% of SolarEdge residential PV sites installed in Germany included a battery, marking SolarEdge’s highest battery attach rate in Europe. This growth follows a 45% increase in battery installations connected to SolarEdge residential PV sites compared to the previous quarter, and a record-breaking 100% increase in the quarter before that.

Leading German photovoltaic (PV) installers attribute this soaring demand for residential battery storage to two primary factors: more favorable economics and heightened concerns surrounding energy security. Homeowners in Germany are increasingly shifting towards self-consumption and striving for greater grid independence.

Alfred Karlstetter, General Manager of SolarEdge Europe, comments: “The trend towards self-consumption and greater energy independence is accelerating across Europe, with energy bills high and homeowners increasingly aware of energy security. Germany is at the forefront of this shift, demonstrating the highest battery attach rate in Europe. With a robust battery and backup inverter supply chain in place, we’re well positioned to meet the rapidly growing demand for residential storage in Germany.”

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SolarEdge has strategically expanded its production capacity worldwide, including locations in South Korea, Hungary, and Mexico. In response to the rapidly increasing demand for PV and storage in Germany, the company has made key residential products, such as the SolarEdge Home Hub inverter, SolarEdge Home Battery, and SolarEdge Home Backup Interface, available for order.

Sascha Raible, Managing Director of Raible Solar GmbH, a leading German installer, acknowledged the incredible demand and commented, “The demand for home batteries in addition to PV has been incredible. More and more homeowners are now looking to take control of their energy bills by moving to self-consumption in order to be less dependent on electricity suppliers. As an installer, ensuring our customers get the highest power yield and have reliable back-up is paramount, which is why DC-coupled battery solutions are proving to be very popular.”

The DC-coupled SolarEdge Home Battery boasts an industry-leading round-trip efficiency of 94.5% when paired with the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter. Its architecture eliminates the ‘triple-conversion penalty’ associated with AC-coupled alternatives, resulting in higher round-trip efficiency and greater PV oversizing. With this additional power, homeowners can charge electric vehicles and operate heavy-load appliances like heat pumps.

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