Schlumberger Partners with Gradiant to Deliver Sustainable Production of Battery-Grade Lithium Compounds


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Schlumberger announced today that it has entered into a  partnership with Gradiant, a global water solutions provider, to introduce a key sustainable technology into  the production process for battery-grade lithium compounds.  

As part of Schlumberger’s NeoLith Energy direct lithium extraction (DLE) and production flowsheet,  Gradiant technology is used to concentrate the lithium solution and generate fresh water—a critical element  in sustainable lithium production from brine.  

“Proper natural resource management is essential in mineral production, and nowhere more so than in  lithium,” said Gavin Rennick, president of Schlumberger’s New Energy business. “The unprecedented  growth in demand for this critical mineral requires high-quality production without compromising  sustainability. The integration of Gradiant technology into our direct lithium extraction (DLE) flowsheet has  been key in our strategy to improve sustainability in the global lithium production industry.” 

Gradiant’s new solution enhances the impact of the sustainable lithium extraction process—reduced time to-market and environmental footprint. The technology enables high levels of lithium concentration in a  fraction of the time required by conventional methods, while also reducing carbon emissions, energy  consumption, and capital costs when compared to thermal-based technologies. This technology integration  can be applied into new lithium mineral extraction and production sites, opening opportunities to untapped lithium production regions, as well as existing lithium production operations. 

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The collaboration will enable the lithium industry to meet surging mineral demand with a previously  unattainable level of water utilization, by simultaneously lowering the consumption of fresh water and  reducing wastewater. “We are excited to be working with Schlumberger, with whom we are pioneering a new era of sustainable  mineral resource recovery,” said Prakash Govindan, COO of Gradiant. “This is made possible by Gradiant’s  deep understanding of the complex chemistry that underlies the production processes, which is then  operationalized by machine learning and digital technology. The sustainability impact of the integrated  Schlumberger process, combined with Gradiant solutions, is a game-changer for the lithium production  market. This strategic partnership will enable the global expansion of Gradiant’s technology in this  important industry.”

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