Spearmint Energy Takes Over 150 MW Battery Energy Storage Project in ERCOT Power Market, Texas


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Spearmint Energy is a next-generation renewable energy company that enables the clean energy revolution through battery storage. Recently, Spearmint Energy announced that it had acquired a 150-MW battery storage project from Con Edison Development. Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses;s wholly owned subsidiary.

Revolution is located adjacent to the King Mountain Wind Farm, Lower Colorado River Authority Territory. It will provide vital battery energy storage assets for West Texas’ ERCOT Market. This market has experienced a dramatic shift due to increased natural gas prices, load growth from technology, a weaker outlook for solar building out, and a higher demand for renewable power. After its launch in early 2022, Revolution was the first project to be added to Spearmint’s portfolio. It will provide reliable and clean energy for the grid once it is fully developed.

Andrew Waranch is the founder, president, and chief executive officer of Spearmint. “We are aware that ERCOT’s rapidly increasing demand for flexible generation assets is only beginning. As such, we expect to continue to acquire projects similar to this one to help alleviate congestion in the state and empower others to contribute to our nation’s clean energy building out.” he said.

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Spearmint’s Chief Operating Officer Richard Cardone said, “We called this Project Revolution because that’s exactly the symbol of battery energy storage – the beginning of a new era in renewable energy. The modern solution to the climate crisis is battery energy storage. It can improve grid resilience and allow for cleaner, cheaper renewable energy to be connected to the grid. We are proud to be part of this positive shift.”

Revolution, one of the most powerful batteries in Texas, will be able to start operation in the second quarter of 2023.

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