Innergex Announces Commissioning of 9 MW Battery Storage Facility in France


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Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. has announced the commissioning of the French 9MW / 9 MWh Tonnerre battery energy storage system. Located at Joux-la-Ville in Bourgogne-France-Comte, in the vicinity of Innergex’s Yonne and Yonne II wind farms, the facility will provide grid stability and help balance and secure the French power transmission system.

EVLO, a subsidiary Hydro-Quebec, designed the energy storage solution. The IEC 62933-certified, UL9540A-tested battery storage system (BESS), the enclosure features several unique safety features. It also uses a unique lithium iron phosphate technology (LFP), which is known for its superior chemical and thermal stability. EVLO’s Energy Management System was also successfully used to meet client’s high standards of frequency containment reserve on their transmission system.

Michel Letellier (President and Chief Executive Officer at Innergex) stated that Tonnerre was Innergex’s first stand-alone battery project. He also said that he is proud of the work of his team in France. As the global energy transition accelerates, zero-emission grids that rely more on renewables and lower carbon emissions will need energy storage, grid stability, and ancillary services. Our team is prepared to take advantage of new storage opportunities and continue to grow the market for battery storage systems.

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“The Tonnerre project’s full commissioning is an important milestone for EVLO. We are proud to have done it with Innergex. This experienced developer has a large portfolio of projects. We are proud to be an active participant in the energy transition, and to support utilities and independent power producers in their efforts to reduce grid resilience challenges, thanks to our dedicated team and extensive knowledge of electrical grid requirements,” stated Sonia St-Arnaud (President and Chief Executive Officer at EVLO).

Tonnerre was awarded a 7 year Contract for Difference that provides a fixed-price capacity certificate with the Reseau de Transport d’Electricite (RTE). This facility will generate additional revenue that will fluctuate based on current energy prices. Tonnerre, which will be fully leveraged in the face of rising electricity prices across France, is an important addition to Innergex’s portfolio.

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