Cellcube Collaborates with G&W Electric to Bring Next Level Push for Microgrids


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Enerox GmbH (also known as CellCube) and G&W Electric (a US-based power grid solutions provider) have entered into a partnership agreement to provide a new integrated microgrid solution for the US-market. G&W Electric has added CellCube’s Vanadium Redox Flow Battery to its microgrid solution portfolio. It also becomes a Value Added Reseller’ for CellCube’s energy storage systems.

G&W Electric built its own microgrid in Bolingbrook (Illinois), U.S.A., with solar and CellCube’s most recent battery technology. This partnership was created through G&W Electric. CellCube’s release 4 VRFB will offer more reliable and resilient power for seasonal peak demand, power quality issues, and possible outages.

Alexander Schoenfeldt CEO of CellCube Austria, USA, says that CellCube has just established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Denver, Colorado. “CellCube’s next major project in North America, is being realized. After having won G&W Electric as a customer, we are delighted to work with them. We also got involved in the rapidly-growing microgrid industry. It is a great way to establish a partnership and get to market than by implementing a large-scale, real-life project.” the CEO adds.

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G&W Electric’s Microgrid will be able to cover multiple uses, including peak load shaving to save energy and islanding. It also has sub-cycle backup power for asset protection. It will integrate roof-top solar and support the facility’s continual operation. In addition, it will actively participate in ComEd’s demand response program, isolating it from the grid to reduce peak load demand. G&W Electric’s microgrid can eliminate its dependence on energy at high prices. It will also provide reliable, resilient power during power outages and seasonal peak demand. To capture attractive power prices in PJM markets, the 2MW-8MWh CellCube VRFB can operate at 150 percent of its nominal energy.  The system has been designed to provide the overrated power up to 3MW for nearly two hours and at 100% load for up to four hours.

John Mueller, Chairman, and Owner of G&W Electric, says that the microgrid market has entered a new phase. “We see energy applications that can store electricity from renewables over longer times is becoming more important. G&W Electric sees tremendous value in CellCube’s long-lasting battery technology, which has the lowest total cost per lifecycle of any technology on the market. It is a natural step for us to partner with the market leader in Long-Duration Energy Storage.”

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