SECI Invite Bids For 1000 MW Standalone Battery Energy Storage Systems under Tariff-Based Global Competitive Bidding


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Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited (SECI) is a Government of India Enterprise under the administrative control of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) has invited bids for Selection of Battery Energy Storage System Developers for Setting up of 1000 MWh (500 MW x 2 hrs) Battery Energy Storage Systems in India for “on Demand” usage under Tariff-based Competitive Bidding (ESS-I). The Projects will be set up under “BOOT” model.

The non refundable document cost of Rfs document is INR 29,500/- (Indian Rupees Twenty-Nine Thousand Five Hundred Only) including GST which will be submitted through NEFT/ RTGS transfer in the account of SECI.

The document processing fess is Rs. 15 Lakh + 18% GST for each project.

EMD Amount is of INR 7,40,000/- (Indian Rupees Seven Lakh and Forty Thousand only) per MW per Project to be submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee.

Pre Bid Meeting Date is 06-05-2022. Bid Submission End Date (hard copy) is 14-06-2022 and the bid will be opened on 15-06-2022.

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The total capacity of 500 MW/1000 MWh shall be set up at a single location, with two Projects each of 500 MWh (250 MW x 2 hrs) capacity to be set up at the identified location.

A Bidder, including its Parent, Affiliate or Ultimate Parent or any Group Company shall submit a single bid offering a Contracted Capacity of either one project, (250MW/500 MWh) or 2 projects (2X (250 MW/500 MWh), in the prescribed formats.

The Scheduled Commissioning Date (SCD) for commissioning of the full capacity of the Project shall be 18 months.

The Bidder may indicate regarding the selection of technology and its details at the time of submission of bids in the prescribed Format of the RfS. The technology proposed at the time of submission of response to RfS can be changed at the time of Financial Closure.

The Net Worth of the Bidder should be equal to or greater than INR 74,00,000/MW, as on the last date of previous Financial Year, i.e. FY 2020-21 or as on the day at least 7 days prior to the bid submission deadline.

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In order to ascertain that the Bidder has sufficient means to manage the fund requirements for the Project, the Bidder shall be required to demonstrate at least one of the following parameters:

a. A minimum annual turnover of INR 29,00,000 / MW (Rupees Twenty-Nine Lakh / MW) of the quoted capacity (in MW) during the previous financial year, 2020-21 or as on the day at least 7 days prior to the bid submission deadline. It is hereby clarified that “Other Income” as indicated in the annual accounts of the Bidder shall not be considered for arriving at the annual turnover. For. eg., for a 500 MWh (250 MW x 2 hrs) project capacity, the minimum annual turnover requirement to be demonstrated shall be Rs. 65 lakh x 250 MW.

b. Internal resource generation capability, in the form of Profit Before Depreciation Interest and Taxes (PBDIT) for a minimum amount of INR 5,80,000 / MW (Rupees Fixe Lakh and Eighty Thousand / MW) of the quoted capacity (in MW), as on the last date of previous financial year, 2020-21, or as on the day at least 7 days prior to the bid submission deadline.

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c. In-principle sanction letter from the lending institutions/banks of the Bidder, committing a Line of Credit for a minimum amount of INR 7,25,000 / MW (Rupees Seven Lakh and Twenty-Five Thousand / MW) of the quoted capacity (in MW), towards meeting the working capital requirement of the project quoted under this RfS. Such letter can also be obtained by the Affiliate(s) of the Bidder.

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