Azelio Receives Two Patents For Its Long-duration Energy Storage Technology

Energy Storage

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Azelio has two new patents published. The patents have been granted in the USA and China as well as in Sweden and are related to the function of the thermal energy storage and power conversion as well as the transfer of stored energy to electricity and heat generation. Azelio now has 16 granted patents and several patents under registration.

The patent granted in Sweden describes the energy storage system TES.POD’s function of the thermal storage and the charging and discharging system as well as the power conversion unit. This patent protects Azelio’s energy storage system TES.POD, which will be taken into volume production in September 2021, and will in the future be granted patents in additional countries for which the processes are ongoing.

The patent that has now been granted in the USA and China has previously been published in Sweden. The patent concerns the transfer of stored energy from the storage to the Stirling engine for electricity and heat generation. The USA and China are both significant markets for both the development of technology in renewable energy and for installations of energy storage.

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“We are at the forefront of the development of energy storage and where patents are important in securing distance to competitors. It is gratifying to see the high level of innovation that exists within the company and the willingness to advance the technology and be at the forefront”, says Jonas Eklind, CEO of Azelio.

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