Kehua Tech Released New Residential Energy Storage System


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In June 2021, Kehua Tech, a world-leading intelligent energy solution provider, announced that it rolled out a new residential storage system – SPH5000-BH-S8, integrate hybrid inverter and high-voltage batteries to power the global energy structure transformation based on distributed home energy network.

More and more countries have joined the process of carbon neutralization. With the improvement of solar penetration and the transformation of energy consumption structure, the energy storage industry has ushered in the turning point of rapid development. As the support node of distributed energy, the home energy network plays an important role in carbon neutralization due to its unique electricity consumption attributes.

Taking SPH5000-BH-S8 as an example, it exhibits the attributes of being investable, intelligent, and integrated, which are also the design concepts of the newly released product. These attributes, along with the functions make it what we called a new generation of white goods.

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Ø  It adopts the modern aesthetic design of home appliances, which is exquisite and elegant and becomes a scenic spot in the home

Ø  The ESS system adopts an integrated design, which integrates inverter, battery, cable, etc. with a minimalist installation mode, it is very friendly and efficient for end-users and O&M services.

Ø  The product comes with IP65 protection, < 25dB operation noise, and its operation is guaranteed for 10,000 cycles. It can operate with temperatures between -25 and 60 degrees Celsius, it is a silent guardian whenever rain or shine

Ø  The battery is an ideal solution if combined with PV systems with a maximum current of 13.5 A and a capacity of 9 kW. High voltage battery design reduces cycle loss by 8–10% compared with that of low-voltage battery systems. 8.2 ~ 49.2kwh super-large range battery flexible configuration options to meet all family needs

Ø  Intelligent app supports remote monitoring, online upgrade, mode selection, etc., making energy management within reach

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Adhering to the design concept of investable, intelligent, and integrated, as a new generation of white goods, SPH ESS system, with efficient and intelligent energy management, can maximize the use of roof photovoltaic power generation, and make use of peak valley price difference and battery energy storage to organically combine multi-mode energy dispatching, to bring the most suitable power consumption mode for a different home, The VPP service mode is supported, which greatly reduces the power consumption of user terminal.

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