The Necessity Of Energy Storage System For Energy Revolution


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With the global trend of carbon neutrality and the change of energy structure, the penetration rate of photovoltaic power generation is growing rapidly, and the total installed capacity of the world was 128GW in 2020. Due to the peak and valley characteristics of photovoltaic, the PV+ESS energy model has become the golden combination of renewable energy for the future.

As the world’s leading provider of PV+ESS energy solutions, Kehua, with full-scenario energy storage solutions, ranked 8th in global PCS share of 2020(IHS Markit), In response to the grid demand, Kehua’s distributed energy storage solution will greatly improve the efficiency of power generation and utilization of solar power for users. At the same time, it supports the energy dispatching to better respond to the demand of power grid.

  1. Meet the rigid needs of the power grid

The penetration rate of solar power is increasing rapidly in the energy structure. The volatility, randomness and unpredictability bring problems to the stability and reliability of the power grid. The energy storage system has the advantage of fast charging and discharging. With the fluctuation of the grid load, intelligent charging and discharging management can effectively alleviate the adverse impact of PV generation on the grid and improve the stability and reliability of the grid. According to the current energy structure and the future development trend, it is necessary and urgent to equip the energy storage solution. 

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1.1 Effectively improve the ROI of solar plants

  • Reduce the light dissipation rate to maximize the utilization of power generation.

-The energy storage system is charged when the solar energy is sufficient in the daytime and discharged at night, thus enhance utilization of solar power.

  • Peak-load shifting to reduce the cost of electricity

-Monitor real-time electricity price difference

-Intelligent scheduling of electricity

-Reduce the demand and cost of electricity

1.2Intelligent dispatch of high quality electricity

  • User side-emergency power supply

When the power grid fails, the energy storage system will be transformed into a UPS. The high reliability and high quality electric energy generated will guarantee the power supply on the user side.

  • Grid side – smoothing load

In rush hour, electricity will be discharged from energy storage system, cutting power grid load rate, in order to smooth loads and stabilize the power grid.

  1. Kehua Energy Storage Solution

For behind-the-meter ESS, Kehua offers integrated solutions, as well as PV inverter, converter, EMS, battery system, temperature control system, fire control system, etc. EMS algorithm logic can be flexibly configured to meet the application needs of customers in different scenarios.

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For power generation and grid side ESS, Kehua provides solutions to maximize user revenue. The perfect combination of a 1000V/1500V high energy density turnkey solution, PCS and medium-voltage system reduces the system cost on transportation, installation, commissioning, occupation space, etc. to the greatest extent.

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3. The value of Kehua ESS scheme

3.1Kehua ESS solutions improve ROI 

  • Installation 
  • Integrated design,
  • plug and play,
  • reduce space occupation,
  • lower transportation costs.
  • Commissioning 

      Comprehensive simulation debugging before delivery entails simple configuration on site.

  • Intelligent EMS

As the brain of the energy storage system, EMS can intelligently adjust the power configuration of PV inverter and PCS. 

Kehua’s EMS system is able to: 

Support flexible configuration of the system, 

Big data analysis,

To meet the application requirements of full-scenario,

Increase profitability.

  • Improve the quality of electricity

As a power backup system, it ensures high quality power supply to key equipment in case of power grid failure.

  • Flexible and integrated energy dispatch
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Compatible with diesel generator to solve the problem of poor power supply. 

  • Standard solution 

A variety of standard solutions for users, including 100KW, 250KW, 500KW systems with optional 1-2h battery capacity configuration.

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