BlueSky Energy Launches Ready-To-Connect Outdoor Storage System “Vigos”


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The Austrian company BlueSky Energy developed a new battery storage for outdoor installation. The outdoor storage system named Vigos is designed to operate in temperatures from minus 30 degrees Celsius to plus 50 degrees Celsius and withstands rain, snow and frost. The device is scalable from 18 to 96 kWh and is delivered ready for connection.

Durable and safe

“BlueSky Energy stands for safe power storage,” explains managing director Thomas Krausse. He adds: “While our established GREENROCK saltwater batteries are suitable for constant energy supply, Vigos expands our portfolio for outdoor installations in even more extreme temperature ranges. The new all-weather battery has been especially developed for applications where a lot of power is required in a short time.”

Vigos has a service life of up to 20,000 cycles. Due to its high performance and cycle stability one can charge and discharge it several times a day. BlueSky Energy offers a ten-year warranty. Vigos is compatible with the company’s GREENROCK saltwater storage systems.

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From private homes to agriculture and the hotel business

Vigos cuts peak loads and charges electric vehicles out of the batteries within a very short time. The high charging and discharging performance with a C-rate of up to 2.0 makes that possible.

“When farmers operate the milking facilities or dinner is prepared in the hotel while guests are charging their e-cars and relaxing in the spa, there is a short-term increase in electrical power consumption. Users cover peaks with the Vigos storage system and thus save on electricity costs. Additional charges for higher grid services and expensive, sometimes very time-consuming extensions of the grid connection are no longer necessary,” explains Krausse.

Vigos ensures charging capacity for e-mobility infrastructure. “Energy communities profit from distributing and temporarily storing the energy they generate themselves,” adds Krausse.

Prepared for power failure

The outdoor power storage Vigos is capable of emergency power, island operation and black start. In the event of a power failure, the system automatically switches over to its own circuit in less than 20 milliseconds. If connected accordingly, the PV system simply continues to operate. “We can proudly say that we offer our customers very great advantages with these functions and enable a real emergency power supply with black start capability even over several days. This way we can secure critical infrastructures such as water supply and the sewerage system against blackouts,” explains Krausse.

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In remote areas without grid connections Vigos allows you to be completely self-sufficient. Different energy sources such as combined heat and power plants, PV and wind power plants or diesel generators easily integrate with Vigos.

Optimizing Self-consumption

An integrated energy management system (EMS) records relevant data such as surpluses from the PV system, optimizes self-consumption and controls the energy sources, dynamic e-charging stations or consumers integrated into the system. Solar power systems and hydroelectric power plants, charging stations, heating rods and heat pumps interact with the system. Due to dynamic load and charge management it is possible to integrate several e-charging stations, independently of the manufacturer.

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