SinglePoint Subsidiary Signs Stellar Energy GP, Inc. a Leading Energy Storage Systems and Solar Company with More than 15 Years of Experience

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SinglePoint Inc is pleased to announce the company’s solar subsidiary Direct Solar of America has signed an agreement with Stellar Energy. The agreement provides Direct Solar of America the ability to sell projects throughout California including residential, and commercial solar as well as Energy Storage systems. This provides an instant growth opportunity as it provides a path to the nation’s leading solar market California. Additionally, it provides Direct Solar of America the ability to offer multiple energy storage solutions as part of the company’s service offerings.  

Congruently, Direct Solar America and Stellar Energy have signed agreements to make Stellar Energy a sales partner for Direct Solar of America in Illinois. We feel this union will significantly increase production for both companies in a very hot and growing market.

“We have been very pleased with the overall workings of completing this agreement. We truly see Direct Solar of America as a leading originator in the industry with a model that has the potential to change how business is done within the solar industry. We are excited to see where the opportunity grows and being able to provide Direct Solar of America the assistance needed to be successful at the largest scale.” 

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-Mike Abadi, General Manager, Stellar Energy GP Inc.

“Stellar Energy being the leading company it is provides us access and the opportunity to scale and enter many markets most importantly the California market. The additional access to services will help Direct Solar of America grow to the next level. We are excited to begin deal flow with Stellar. Both companies are productive and bring significant value add to each other. This collaboration can fundamentally improve the dynamic of the company’s growth ability.” 

-Pablo Diaz, CEO, Direct Solar of America

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