Kiwi Power launches its advanced energy technology and grid flexibility solution into North America with ENGIE as a first client

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UK-based market leader offers new options for maximizing value of distributed energy resources for utilities, energy storage operators and other energy stakeholders

Kiwi Power, a leading global energy technology company, is bringing its distributed energy resource (DER) optimization technology and  expertise to North America. Building on the strong relationship with its first client ENGIE North America, the company has expanded its sales presence in the region. Kiwi Power enters the market offering advanced virtual power plant (VPP) software combined with expertise serving energy flexibility into markets for more than ten years and across ten countries. 

Kiwi Power is named a world leader in virtual power plant (VPP) technology and energy market optimization in Q1 2020 by Guidehouse Insights, formerly Navigant, and No. 1 for execution. The company offers a simple, yet powerful solution that enables electricity suppliers, energy storage and renewables asset owners, distribution grid operators and independent aggregators to maximize the value of energy assets, secure new revenue streams, and supply cleaner and more affordable power. 

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Kiwi Power’s project with ENGIE North America is now operational in Texas delivering price-based trading and demand response activities for ENGIE North America in the ERCOT market. Part of a larger deployment between the two companies, the relationship builds on a pilot program started last summer in ERCOT for price arbitrage. The project simply and powerfully integrates market signals and analytics to enable DERs and energy demand that follows changes in real-time electricity prices. Kiwi Power and ENGIE also enable DERs to bid into the Texas (ERCOT) ancillary markets with plans to expand into the PJM market.

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