Fluence to deploy an entire fleet of battery-based energy storage


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Fluence is deploying an entire fleet of battery-based energy storage that will rapidly come to life across an entire country’s electricity network. This record-setting deployment is comprised of multiple energy storage projects topping 500 MW cumulatively, strategically sited across the power network to make it stronger and more resilient. The fleet will be delivered and commissioned in less than two years, making it not only one of the largest but also one of the fastest-built energy storage installations the industry has ever seen. 

Doubling down on this proven technology, this key customer has moved to quickly provide critical grid services to this country, with no direct emissions, at a lower cost than traditional resources, and with the capability to allow other power assets to be used more efficiently. These deployments will support the long-term growth in renewable power generation by providing rapid-response grid management services across the entire network. In effect, the grid will have the most modern and responsive tools for delivering reliable, responsible, and cost-effective power.

One Building Block for the Entire Fleet  

To simplify project development and maximize the speed of delivery, the full fleet is being built using standard-sized, pre-configured systems. In this way, Fluence’s energy storage technology is serving as a platform for the creativity and ambition of our partners, allowing them to quickly roll out state-of-the-art systems built upon years of lessons learned in the field.   

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By utilizing Fluence’s technology, our customer can easily identify project sites, take advantage of strong supplier relationships, and simplify overall portfolio maintenance. They create the opportunity and Fluence delivers a fully functional, turn-key installation tuned to their needs. The entire fleet will be controlled using the Fluence Operating System including Fleet View, which provides operators with full visibility into every project across their fleet. 

These industrial-strength energy storage systems are built to the standard of critical infrastructure projects, are connected to the medium and high-voltage network, and are designed to provide a long operational life and the highest reliability. This fleet of energy storage projects will be able to mitigate grid instability faster than any other assets currently operating on the network. 

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