Longroad Energy to develop 160 MWac/640 MWh utility-scale solar and battery storage projects in Hawai’i

Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com

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Longroad Energy was selected by Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) to begin developing two utility-scale solar and battery storage projects for completion in 2023. The proposed projects include the 120 MWac/480 MWh Mahi Solar in Kunia, O’ahu, which would be the state’s largest solar project to date, and the 40 MWac/160 MWh Pulehu Solar in Pulehu, Maui. 

Paul Gaynor, CEO of Longroad Energy stated that, they have a track record in Hawai’i of working with local residents to design good projects that communities support. They are grateful for the opportunity to develop the new projects that helped the state make strides towards the ambitious 100% renewable energy goal.

In the coming months, Longroad plans to gather community input, negotiate power purchase agreements with HECO, begin the permitting process and hold virtual public meetings.  The Mahi Solar project plans to work with the Hawaii Farm Bureau on O’ahu to find new agricultural uses for the land under and around the solar panels, and the Pulehu Solar project plans to support the educational efforts of the Maui Economic Development Board to teach students about clean energy.

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The Hawai’i team at Longroad (previously as First Wind) developed seven of the state’s largest clean energy projects including 150 MW of wind and 110 MW of solar, all of which are operating today.

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