SimpliPhi Power and Heila Technologies to deploy intelligent energy storage+solar systems in Louisiana

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SimpliPhi’s batteries and Heila Technologies’ control platform transforms distributed energy resources into a virtual power plant to improve grid reliability and security for Louisiana consumers

SimpliPhi Power, a leading U.S. manufacturer of safe, non-toxic, cobalt-free lithium ion energy storage systems, has partnered with Heila Technologies to deploy intelligent energy storage+solar systems at a demonstration project in Shreveport, Louisiana with the support of Southwestern Electric Power Co. (SWEPCO), an American Electric Power (AEP) company.

Behind-the-meter energy storage was a cost-effective way to help utilities and customers alike manage their electricity usage with the security of knowing they had access to stored energy that could be seamlessly integrated into the grid or islanded during power outages, stated SimpliPhi Power’s CEO Catherine Von Burg.  

The demonstration project with Heila Technologies will aggregate distributed energy resources and empower SWEPCO to manage these assets as an optimized fleet. Under a single platform, SWEPCO will be able to leverage the storage+solar systems to correct power factor, perform peak shaving, and manage overall energy supply, all while improving customer resiliency. Building resiliency for utility customers using renewable power generation plus storage will be key as the Southeast United States continues to see an increase in extreme weather events due to the impacts of climate change.

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Heila’s Senior Engineer and Co-Founder, Jorge Elizondo commented that, the Heila Platform was able to sense changes across all connected components and made the system holistically and automatically respond to the changing conditions of the electrical grid. With SimpliPhi, they have found a safe and high performing battery that was ready to be deployed at scale to make the vision a reality.

The SimpliPhi+Heila solution, consists of PHI 3.8kWh batteries, inverter(s), and a Heila EDGE controller which acts as a Battery Management System (BMS) and an Energy Management System (EMS). Any and all Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) controlled by a Heila EDGE in a system are then aggregated and optimized to form a distributed intelligent network that can be used by any central controller, ADMS or SCADA to control the fleet as a single entity using common protocols.

The PHI batteries measure and report voltage, current and temperatures, and perform useful calculations to determine real-time battery state of charge (SoC), state of health (SoH) and fault detection. Heila is programmed to operate the PHI battery units in either grid-connected or off-grid mode, and manage transitions between modes, enabling full control of the flow of real and reactive power to and from the grid, load curtailment, and more. The utility or grid operator can set performance objectives at the aggregate level, rather than on a DER-by-DER basis and collect real-time and historical data from all systems to streamline grid operations.  This project will serve as a model for other stakeholders who are interested in the benefits of decentralized energy generation and storage working as a virtual power plant.

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