XENDEE signs contract with DoD to develop standardized design platform of resilient microgrids

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XENDEE Corporation has signed a contract with the US Department of Defense (DoD) to develop the Standardized Platform to Guide Rapid and Repeatable Modelling and Design of Secure and Resilient DoD Microgrids globally. XENDEE has been tasked to deliver design solutions that enhance energy reliability, while providing new services such as the ability to safely ride-out prolonged utility power outages and sustain mission critical operations, using renewable energy resources and storage in an integrated Microgrid system.

Tim Tetreault, Energy and Water Program Manager, ESTCP, stated that, reducing the time and cost associated with Microgrid design and implementation would expand the application of this technology to more DoD installations increasing energy resilience and mission readiness. XENDEE provides a solution that not only expedites the design process but also offers integrated power analytics capabilities.

Michael Stadler, CTO of XENDEE, commented that, the company is highly encouraged and sees this competitive award by the Department of Defense as signifying the importance that they place on new technology in this area and in particular their integrated approach to solve the complex challenges surrounding the need for Microgrids to achieve resiliency.

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XENDEE’s efforts will be supported by Distributed Energy Resources (DER) resilience and cybersecurity experts from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Arizona State University, California Polytechnical Institute, as well as Reilly Associates, along with mission critical Microgrid planning experts from US Naval Facilities Command Expeditionary Warfare Center, Peterson Air Force Base, US Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, US Army Corps of Engineers, and US Army Garrison Bavaria.

XENDEE technology builds on well-established methods and scientific research and expands Microgrid design optimization capabilities under a unified end-to-end platform that has become the leading decision support system for DER and Microgrid planning. This DoD ESTCP award will augment XENDEE’s Fight-Through™ design optimization technology with enhanced Microgrid design capabilities tailored to DoD requirements and applications, including integration of cybersecurity as a design criterion.

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