An Indian Energy Storage Company, Sheru Gets Selected for Covoted OpenAccelerator Program


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Sheru, one of India’s most prominent Energy Storage companies has been selected to the Cleantech Open Accelerator 2022 cohort. Cleantech Open, the largest cleantech accelerator program in the world, provides innovators and entrepreneurs with the resources and training they need to start and grow cleantech companies. It has supported over 1,800 innovative businesses to grow and scale up.

Sheru was one of two Asian companies selected for this program, and the only one in the energy sector. Sheru’s cloud storage platform is an innovative solution that provides cloud storage solutions to energy producers and makes it easy and accessible for energy storage. The company’s storage solutions aim to reduce India’s carbon emissions by 30%.

“We are honored to have been selected for this prestigious program and look forward meeting and exchanging ideas from innovators around the globe. We believe that creative solutions in all sectors are essential. This program will allow us to share our technologies with the rest of world and gain firsthand knowledge of other innovations.” Ankit Mittal (Co-founder and CEO, Sheru) said that they are proud to be the only Asian energy company in this elite group.

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Sheru is also first to combine V2G technology and battery swapping. This brings together two complementary systems, creating synergies through it

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