juwi Operations & Maintenance GmbH Now Includes O&M for Large-scale Battery Storage Systems


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The operations management division of juwi, the renewable energy specialist, is expanding its services. juwi Operations & Maintenance GmbH now offers large-scale operational management for battery storage systems. Lorenz Heinen is the commercial director at juwi O&M. He says that “with our highly skilled service technicians in the solar and wind sectors, and a wealth experience of over 25 years in operations management we have the knowledge and ability to take over maintenance and troubleshooting large battery storage system.”

The Belgian manufacturer of a battery storage unit for a plant also benefited from this wealth of experience. juwi O&M has been responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting the 10-megawatt lithiumion storage system since November 2021. This system is used to stabilize and buffer peak demand and power generation.

The maintenance and operation management of storage facilities is a key market for juwi O&M. Energy storage systems are vital for stabilizing electricity grids and ensuring a steady supply of renewable energy. Heinen says that we want to expand this market using our highly qualified personnel. They have medium voltage switching authorizations, including the ability to use thermography and hydraulic expertise in cooling systems.

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The company will soon take over operations of additional battery storage facilities. Currently, juwi has a wind+storage program in Schmolln (Brandenburg). This project is the first to be awarded an innovation tender by the German Federal Network Agency. The Schmolln lithium-ion storage system has a three megawatt hour capacity. The operational management is performed by juwi O&M. This applies to the 3.7 megawatt hour battery storage system at the approximately ten megawatt solar park in Seckach, Baden-Wurttemberg. Service is also provided by juwi O&M.

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