Centrica Business Solutions Secures 89MW Multi-battery Optimisation Deal


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Centrica Business Solutions has signed a ten-year deal with 4 Renewable Energy for the optimisation of three battery energy storage systems.

RGREEN INVEST’s dedicated IPP platform 4 Renewable Energy (previously known as INFRAGREEN IV RE) has agreed a ten-year contract with Centrica Business Solutions for the optimisation of three battery storage plants developed by Arlington Energy and under construction across England.

Totalling 89MW of assets with a one-hour duration, the three projects are scheduled to be completed by summer 2022. Once commissioned, the assets will facilitate the transition towards Net Zero by providing crucial flexibility to the energy system, helping stabilise intermittent output from renewable energy sources and enabling security of supply in a renewable-based energy grid.

This support is delivered through a combination of markets, which help to manage grid frequency, and energy trading to mitigate shortfalls in supply or demand through either short-term commodity markets or the balancing mechanism.

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Using its proprietary FlexPond™ platform, Centrica Business Solutions will deliver this multi-market strategy on behalf of 4 Renewable Energy, adapting the output of the battery in real time to deliver the most cost-effective use of the energy storage capacity at any one time. Thanks to this flexible approach, Centrica Business Solutions maximises both the environmental impact of the assets and the Return on Investment of the projects.

Developed by Arlington with the backing of 4 Renewable Energy, the IPP arm of RGREEN INVEST, a leading independent French investment management company, the batteries will be optimised across several markets to generate best in class returns and provide downside protection for investors.

“Centrica Business Solutions will help to ensure that these three battery projects are utilised as efficiently as possible, maximising both the return on investment and the contribution to carbon reduction. Every battery storage project helps build the resilience and agility required to accelerate renewable energy generation and the transition away from fossil fuels” said Sebastine Rondel, Head of Direct Investment, RGREEN INVEST.

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