Utilities In India Are Actively Considering Purchasing Battery-based PPAs For Firm Power, Which We See Driving Greater Penetration Of Energy Storage In India’s Energy Mix In The Future: Rupam Raja – Market Director, India and SE Asia, Fluence


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In a chat with EnergyStorage Pro magazine, Mr. Rupam Raja – Market Director, India and SE Asia, Fluence gave us insights on the company’s learnings and contribution to India’s energy storage sector. He also emphasised on the fact that India cannot achieve its ambitious RE target without battery storage. 

Please tell us how is the year 2021 progressing for Fluence? Any prime learnings?

2021 has been a challenging time for business in India. That said, 2021 is also the year when India made a long-term commitment to battery-based energy storage through the ACC PLI scheme. The prime learning this year has been on the importance of flexibility in a grid that has a higher penetration of renewables. This has happened as a result of the drop in overall demand which increased the percentage of RE in India’s energy mix.

How is Fluence contributing to the Indian energy storage sector currently?

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Our biggest contribution has been through supplying the 10 MW BESS at Tata Power Delhi’s substation in Rohini. The project and its proximity to central Delhi has enabled sector players to better understand and get comfortable with megawatt-scale, grid-connected battery storage.

What are some latest and advanced technologies adopted at Fluence?

We launched our 6th generation battery-based energy storage technology, which combines hardware (the Fluence Cube), controls (Fluence OS) and data-driven digital intelligence (Fluence IQ). The latest-generation form factor is more modular, factory-assembled and incorporates the latest safety features, enabling faster, cost-effective deployment with a higher energy density and has a lower lifetime cost of ownership.

According to you, what are some of the present trends and expected future trends in the energy storage sector in India?  

Utilities in India are actively considering purchasing battery-based PPAs for firm power, which we see driving greater penetration of energy storage in India’s energy mix in the future.

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In your view can battery storage propel green energy transition for India and help achieve the ambitious RE target?

I would flip the question: I would say that India cannot achieve its ambitious RE target without battery storage. 


  1. I agree the Battery storage is one of the technology which world is looking to manage the Grid. but at the same tome , we can not say India can achieve the RE goals
    only with battery storage

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