Swedish Manufacturer Scania To Invest $116M in Battery Assembly Plant And $18.4M In New Battery Laboratory

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Scania, Truck manufacturer has recently announced that to support its new range of electric trucks it will build a battery assembly plant and laboratory .

The area of the battery facility will be 18,000m2, which will be built in Södertälje, Sweden, it stated.

Battery packs will be custom-made for various applications and will be reorganized for parallel assembly of electric and combustion engine vehicles. Battery modules will assemble and pack from cells that will be delivered from Northvolt’s battery factory.

Ruthger de Vries, head of production and logistics at Scania anticipated that the battery assembly facility will be fully operational by 2023.

“Operating an on-site battery assembly plant is a prerequisite for large-scale production of electric vehicles and it also establishes Scania clearly as a part of the battery production value chain.” He stated.

The company is also setting up a laboratory which is 1,000-square metre and it will be fully operative by autumn 2021. The objective is to test battery performance and lifecycle in different climatic conditions.

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The laboratory will consist of 250 sq metre test halls for battery cells, modules, and packs. 

“With the accelerating pace of development the laboratory will reinforce our capacity to right-size batteries for every application, Claes Erixon, Head of Research and Development at Scania stated.

“We have an ambitious roadmap ahead of us in annually launching new and updated electric products with related battery services. This underscores the need for world-class skills and knowledge in battery usage and lifecycle optimization.” he concluded.

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