Victoria Big Battery A Significant Step Towards Clean Recovery

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Victoria is taking a significant step towards a Clean Recovery with announcement of a 300 MW lithium-ion battery on the outskirts of Geelong.

The Victorian Big Battery, to be delivered by Clean Energy Council members Neoen, Tesla and AusNet Services, will be among the world’s largest and be operational in time for summer 2021-22.

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton said that the Victorian Big Battery would play a significant role in the state’s accelerated transition to renewable energy.

“The battery’s role is to participate in Victoria’s System Integrated Protection Scheme. This means that it will provide key grid support services, particularly in peak periods should there be unexpected network outages,” he said.

“Consumers will also benefit from low-cost power, with the battery able to store energy from clean wind and solar.”

Utility-scale batteries help to smooth the output of wind and solar and can also provide critical system services, including swift response to frequency changes on the energy system.

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The Victorian Big Battery will generate 85 jobs during its construction.

Energy storage currently accounts for around 6 per cent of Australia’s renewable energy workforce, as revealed in the Clean Energy At Work report.

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