Sungrow Becomes the First in the Energy Storage Industry to Receive ESS Certification for European Standard EN 50549-10


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Sungrow recently received the European standard EN 50549-10 certification issued by TÜV Rheinland. It marks the energy storage industry’s first European grid connection compatibility certification for MW-grade high-power energy storage systems (ESS). This certification attests to the exceptional adaptability and reliability of Sungrow’s ESS concerning the European grid network, reinforcing the Company’s leading position in the grid-connection technology field.

EN 50549-10 is a new grid connection test standard introduced in Europe in August 2023, based on the relevant provisions of EN50549-2 (requirements for connecting power plants in parallel with medium-voltage distribution networks). The standard further clarifies and sets test requirements of ESS in areas such as Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) and High Voltage Ride Through (HVRT), frequency deviation tolerance, power quality, reactive power voltage support, fault voltage support, and zero-current continuous grid connection. The primary goal is to effectively ensure the stability and high-quality power supply of the European public power grids.

Leveraging the company’s industry-leading power electronics technological resources, Sungrow successfully passed the EN 50549-10 grid connection conformity test by innovatively applying related technologies, including rapid positive/negative sequence detection, real-time positive/negative sequence decoupling, power first-order smooth output technology, and intelligent solutions. Sungrow will continue to drive the digitalization and intelligentization of clean energy facilities in Europe and contribute to developing secure and reliable European power systems with its products and technologies.

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