Fluence to Explore Indian Battery Storage Market, Announces New Technology Centre in Bangalore India


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Fluence Energy, Inc., the global market leader for energy storage products, digital applications and services, announced the opening a new global technology center in Bangalore. Fluence India Technology Centre helps to execute its global product strategy. It scales global talent and grows engineering capabilities. This also strengthens Fluence India’s local presence.

Fluence India Technology Centre is a landmark for Fluence. It marks the company’s first ever technology center entirely based in Asia. This technology center will complement existing European and North American technology teams. The technology center teams of Fluence support Fluence’s regionally-focused operational model. They also provide a solid foundation for regional product support and new product introductions.

“With the launch of this technology Center, we will enhance our product offerings, and engineering capabilities, and further demonstrate our core competencies battery-based energy storage products and software,” said Fluence SVP & Chief Product Officer Rebecca Boll. This team will be crucial to the expansion and creation of Generation 6 products. These services provide critical grid services to customers all over the globe.

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Fluence’s technical team in Bangalore will help the company achieve its global growth and sales goals for all product lines. It will also allow flexibility and speedy product development. The India Technology Centre is the largest technology team in the company. Its employees work in areas such as enclosure, battery and inverter engineering and software quality assurance. They also manage product development. The technology Centre will also support the delivery of products into the Fluence India joint venture, ReNew Power, and the entire lifecycle of their storage system.

“India has an ambitious target to reach 500 GW of renewable energy by 2030. Fluence SVP and President, APAC Jan Teichmann stated that Fluence is committed in supporting India’s clean energy transition. Our technology Center and joint venture partner with Renew are only the beginning. “Our investment will allow us to partner locally, build expertise in local market needs, drive product development in the region, as well as support the long-term growth and sustainability of India’s energy storage.” the President added.

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Fluence’s flagship, battery-based energy storage project was installed in India in 2019, at a Tata Power substation in Delhi. AES and Mitsubishi developed the 10 MW/10 MWh project, which is the largest South Asian energy storage system.

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