Trina Storage Launches the All-New Elementa Battery Cabinet

Trina Storage ELEMENTA

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Trina Storage, a vertically integrated provider of battery energy storage solutions, announced today the official launch of its new product, The All-New Elementa. This is a flexible, secure, and high-performance BESS that can be used for up to 25% more cycles.

This modular storage system is ideal for grid-scale installations. It is fully integrated and prefabricated with the latest LFP batteries, liquid-cooled temperature management system, battery management systems and fire detection and suppression systems. This storage solution is designed for ease of installation and maintenance. Elementa’s standard design and factory-installed configuration help reduce installation times up to 70%. This results in lower CAPEX.

Trina Storage will increase its battery manufacturing capacity in order to improve vertical integration, reduce average cost through economies-of-scale as well as improve cell performance and control over the production process. These battery cells are made in China’s Jiangsu Province. The manufacturing plant can produce 3GWh per year and will soon be able to produce several GWh. Trina Storage also has an integration base which allows for a customized BESS design with a capacity of 5GWh annually.

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Trina Storage, a company that specializes in battery storage solutions for the future, will showcase its All-New Elementa at this year’s Intersolar Europe. Customers can save as much as 8% on OPEX and CAPEX by using Elementa. The total cost of ownership (TCO), combined with 25% more battery cycling, is 25% lower than the Tier-1 market average.

Terry Chen, Head of Overseas Energy Storage Business at Trina Storage, stated, “The growing demand for batteries from an Electrical Vehicle (EV), market has highlighted supply chain vulnerability around the globe. By strengthening vertical integration we can reduce or eliminate many uncertainties, as we scale up. Our goal is to add value to our customers through innovative products and solutions, and to accelerate our company’s growth. We have invested heavily in R&D and production over the last three years to build our IP. Our New-Product Elementa, and our Next-Gen Battery Storage Solution have improved system performance, longevity, and returns.

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