FIMER Contributes To One Of The Largest Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Under Operation In India


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FIMER recently supplied its 1MVA inverters to Mahindra Susten for the BESS system and successfully executed the Integrated Solar Energy Project at Sun Temple Town of Modhera, District Mehsana, Gujarat. The Project was awarded by GPCL to Mahindra Susten as an EPC and the project was fully commissioned on 26th August 2021. This is India’s first integrated state of art Solar Project. The battery energy storage system (BESS) is one of the largest to date under operation in India. The full project was completed within 1 year and it was supplied through one of India’s biggest EPC players, Mahindra Susten.

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The project is a vision of the honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, by making Modhera Sun temple and Modhera town self-reliant and self-sustainable for their power requirement through solar energy.
This remarkable project features a 6 MW grid-connected system with a 6MVA BESS system with 18 MWh Battery energy storage system. Additionally, the town is solar powered by a 100 kW rooftop system on govt buildings, 50 kW Solar parking infrastructure, 271 nos X 1Kwp solar systems on residential buildings and 150 kWh Battery storage for a solar charging system. This small town in the state of Gujarat is self-reliant on energy consumption now.

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FIMER supplied PCS of rating 1 MVA x 6 nos for BESS application: during solar hours the solar inverter powers the load, and the excess power charges the batteries; additionally, PCS can also support load demand during solar deficit conditions. FIMER PCS is also equipped with Black Start Mode / Grid Forming Mode, during grid failure conditions; FIMER PCS can form the Grid in V/F mode and other sources (inverters) can synchronize to AC bus and start supporting load or charge batteries. If the grid comes back, PCS can operate in the grid following mode and act as backup whenever required. This is the first-time bidirectional converter 1 MW was supplied to the Indian market.

KN Sreevatsa, Country Managing Director at FIMER India said: “At FIMER, we believe not only in providing tailormade solutions for the customer’s maximum benefit, but we also like to “Make a difference” to their lives. We fully support our PM’s vision of making small towns and cities self-sustainable and we are glad to be a part of this remarkable project.

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Mr. Pramod Kalyanshetti, Chief Commercial Officer of Mahindra Susten, commented: “Modhera Project is one of the prestigious and highly innovative integrated projects executed in the country. Susten is privileged to be the EPC for this project of national importance. The project has the complexity of integrating the solar generation ranging from 1 KW to 6 MW and a Battery system of 18MWh. Susten
design team had analysed each design aspect thoroughly while running various generation model simulations and concluded on the final design. All the equipments used in the project were analysed considering the reliability and long-term service. FIMER provided us with the best service with a supply of inverters in our previous projects. Considering the best design fit and their reliability the FIMER PCS
of size 6MW is used for our prestigious Modhera project.”

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