Gautam Solar Launches Energy Storage Solutions for Domestic and International Markets


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Gautam Solar has launched its new Gel Battery for domestic and international markets, said the company release.

This addresses the need for Energy Storage solutions for Solar Power Plants, Telecom & Rural Electrification. With recent instances of Lithium Batteries catching fire, there is a need for safer energy storage devices. Gautam Solar’s Gel battery are cost -effective, thermally stable, long lasting and sealed maintenance free with No Topping Up ever required.

This launch is in sync with their product range for solar power plants, which includes indigenous Bi-facial & mono Facial solar panels. The company expects its Gel batteries will give a strong & better alternative in the Energy Storage space where currently Lithium Battery and Tubular Lead Acid batteries are being used.

With an estimated value of US$ 2.07 Billion in 2021, the global gel battery market is expected to swell by 2027. Tubular gel batteries offer incredible advantages over standard batteries when paired with Solar PV systems. Gel batteries are extremely durable, lightweight, and can endure extreme temperature fluctuations, which make these an ideal choice for the renewable sector. Gel batteries contain of gelled electrolytes, which minimizes the risk of evaporation, spillage, and use-related corrosion.

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Gautam Solar intends to reap these benefits for the domestic & international energy storage market, which has been witnessing an upward trend, especially due to the increasing costs of petroleum products. Their new gel battery would be a commercially-viable energy storage device for solar energy production. Because these batteries don’t have as much weight as standard batteries, and don’t require any re-filling of acid/ water, the transportation in India & exports wouldn’t be a hassle. Gautam Solar’s Gel Battery has excellent deep discharge capability , high recharge efficiency , superior cycle life and long shelf life. Tubular gel batteries have extensive demand and applications in energy storage and distribution, telecommunication, and electric mobility.

“At Gautam solar, innovation has been our foremost objective. We are supremely proud and happy to announce the launch of our Gel battery. We have designed the product keeping the solar market in mind, and we hope that this could be a solution for battery backup concerns that many commercial players have. We will continue to transform and develop products that boost the renewable energy sector, and more importantly, we aim to keep prices affordable through home-grown innovations,” Gautam Mohanka, MD, Gautam Solar, said in a statement. Mr. Mohanka has been spearheading innovation at Gautam Solar for decades now.

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The new Tubular Gel Battery comes with a leak-proof design featuring high-grade polymer. Besides requiring no maintenance, the product has been entirely made in India. The company promises excellent battery backup and long service life for its innovative range of batteries. The new launch would add to Gautam Solar’s existing lineup of products, which include solar panels, MPPT charge controllers and Remote Monitoring Units.

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