Sungrow SC50HV Gains Accreditation by Thai Provincial Electricity Authority


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Recently, Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, announced the SC50HV has been accredited by Thai Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), the governmental enterprise which decides the most important technological standards to ensure the safety and stability of the Thai grid remains intact.

The PEA accreditation attests to the SC50HV’s excellent performance and high adaptability to Thai renewable energy sector. More importantly, as SC50HV composes the Power Conversion System unit (PCS) of the ST129CP series, the newly-launched ESS product for APAC’s Commercial& Industrial market, being listed by PEA predicates a strong settlement and supply of ST129CP series to the future Energy Storage projects in this country.

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) is responsible for Thailand’s entire electrical distribution (not including Bangkok) and it decides standards for foreign products’ qualified entry and usage in the local market. Currently, as the momentum is building to increase the energy storage portion in in the Thai energy market, The Ministry of Energy is launching its “Energy 4.0” strategy to promote ESS installations nationwide. This trend means PEA will take more responsibilities to provide standard governance and services for energy storage sector.

Under such a background, Sungrow is honored to have the SC50HV pass the PEA test and be listed to be an applicable and adaptable power conversion system for Thai ESS market. SC50HV features a high yield of max. 98.6% efficiency, and the wide DC input range supports a flexible range of battery configuration, which means using it saves system costs. In addition, SC50HV adopts compact design, with light weight down to 22kg; one person is just able to handle the whole installation and O&M process. Considering the wet and hot environment of Thailand, it is equipped with IP68 high protection standard, sustaining a 25 year+ worktime.

Upon its introduction to market, SC50HV, together with the ST129CP series, has been extensively applied in many C&I ESS projects, such as Australian PNSW 0.4MW/0.663MWh project, Burmese 300KW/1.4MW project, and Indonesian Bawean 300KW/1.3MWh project that will be commercialized by the beginning of 2022. When being listed on the PEA, SC50HV also embarks its journey in the growing Thai Energy Storage market. As PCS unit of the ST129CP series, it supplies the 250KW/555KWh Kankyo Project, located in Kawasaki Motor, Rayong Province, Thailand. These upcoming projects demonstrate ST129CP series’ popularity in Thai C&I ESS market. More importantly, Sungrow now is also supplying Southeastern largest BESS plant in Thailand with the SC2500UD plus Liquid-Cooled ESS solution, which further attests to Sungrow’s dominance in Thai ESS sector.

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