Innovative High-Voltage Energy Storage Systems – New Xelectrix Power Box – XPB Basic Split Range


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The Austrian manufacturer of high-voltage energy storage systems xelectrix Power GmbH launches a
new product – the XPB BASIC SPLIT.

Our modular and multi-functional system offers a unique inverter concept with the “Parallel Platform
Technology”. Ergonomically designed to facilitate modular installation, even in confined areas. The units
combine multiple application possibilities as an AC coupled, 3-phase, 400 Volt, high voltage solution.
The BASIC SPLIT System, with wide inverter range and battery configurations, is perfectly suited for
commercial and industrial industries, allowing for Peak Shaving, Backup and Renewable Energy
Optimization with grid infeed capping feature.

Maximum flexibility through modular expansion of battery capacity utilizing slide-in and out battery
modules matching individual customer requirements.

Modular Battery Capacity – expandable in 20 kWh battery packs – from 40 to 240 kWh
Power Electronics
 11 kW
 35 kW
 80 kW

 On- and Off Grid
 Indoor
 Plug & Play – easy to install
 Peak Shaving, RE Optimization
 Back up Power
 Up to 15 m possible between
DC Combiner and Power

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