NeoVolta Increases Battery Life from 10.95 Years to 16.5 Years

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NeoVolta Inc., manufacturer of Smart Energy Storage Solutions, has announced a significantly longer cycle life for its solar batteries. Effective June 15, NeoVolta’s advanced NV14 energy storage system will feature a 6,000-cycle lithium iron phosphate battery. This represents a 50% longer life than the original 4,000-cycle product.

A battery cycle is defined as one charge and discharge. With most home storage batteries cycled on a daily basis, 4,000 cycles equates to a life of 10.95 years. The 6,000 cycles from NeoVolta translates to 16.5 years of useful life, based on a full charge and discharge. If the homeowner discharges less battery, the lifetime is generally longer.

NeoVolta’s NV24 add-on battery, which can be used to expand the NV14’s high storage capacity, has also been upgraded to 6,000 cycles.

“For any homeowner who invests in energy storage, maximizing cycle life is of the utmost importance,” said CEO Brent Willson, CEO of NeoVolta. “NeoVolta’s NV14 system and optional NV24 battery now offer one of the longest lifetimes available in the residential mainstream market.”

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Reaching 6,000-cycle capability is just the latest engineering milestone for NeoVolta, which also offers generator integration and off-grid options. NeoVolta continues to develop other industry-leading enhancements, all while keeping the lowest price in the industry when comparing cost per watt.

NeoVolta storage systems are designed for safety and performance. Their lithium iron phosphate chemistry is a noncombustible and nontoxic alternative to ordinary lithium ion batteries. The NV14 system has a very high storage capacity of 14.4 kilowatt-hours, expandable to 24.0 kWh with the optional NV24 battery—without the expense of a second inverter. The system’s 7.7 kilowatts of instantaneous power discharge also sets it apart from the competition.

For its superior safety, performance and compatibility with any solar system—new or existing, AC or DC—the NV14 has been named one of Solar Power World’s top storage products two years in a row.

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